Jenna is a graduate from ICDC College holding a degree in Homeland Security and Investigation. Jenna is the founder of two magazines called Perfectly Defected and Pink Dahlia which is sold and distributed both online and in print..
Along with being a photographer, Jenna is also a plus sized freelance model and a special FX makeup artist. Jenna has done makeup for Newt Gingrich for the Iowa Caucus through Fox and Friends News.
Jenna is a member of the NAPW ( National Association of Professional Women) and has been commended for her diligence and hard work on Perfectly Defected Magazine. 
 Over 60% of Jenna's time and resources are dedicated to volunteering to do makeup and photography to those who have suffered from cancer or can't afford to do special things like family photos. Jenna also dedicates her time every year helping with makeup for the Siouxland Zombie Walk, and in 2014 had the opportunity to donate photography services to the Boys and Girls Home Tailgating for Kids fundraiser which raised over $100,000. 
Jenna helps support Breast Cancer Awareness by offering free photo shoots to individuals who suffer from cancer or are in remission every October. Any donations from the photo shoots are sent directly to the Cancer center in Sioux City, IA.
You can contact Jenna directly by e-mail at or you can follow her on FaceBook at